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Defuncters - A Vanu Sovereignty Outfit for Planetside
Chain of Command


Officer Application
Soldier Application
Chain of Command
Rank System

This is where the command system of the Defuncters is explained.


The command system of the Defuncters is really quite simple. It is efficient and provides a quick, easy chain which orders can be passed down.
What we do as far as organizing is, depending on the # of members at the event that day, we will split up into platoons and squads. The organization system is not so rigid. You still have to apply to be an officer of the Defuncters. For example, we form a squad and the highest ranking officer in the squad gets to be the squad's leader. Whoever is the highest ranking officer in the platoon gets to be the platoon leader. So, being an officer has many benifits as far as CEP earnings go.
Outfit Commander (OC)- Thise person is not only the founder of the Defuncters, but is also in charge of the entire army. He formulates orders and sends them to the officers at the platoon level. He decides what the outfit does.
Asst. Outfit Commander (AOC)- In the case the Outfit Commander fails to fulfill his duties, or is unavailable for whatever reason, this person takes the helm, so to speak. He is also the Outfit Commander's right hand man.
Platoon Commander (PC)- This is a variable position that will be filled on the field before a battle commences. Whoever the highest ranking officer in a formed platoon is gets to be the PC for the operation until it is disbanded. If two officers are of equal rank, then the members of the platoon will vote on who is PC.
Squad Commander (SC)- Same as the PC only substitute the word platoon for squad whenever it shows up. Not as many CEP, but you will gain more BEP with this position than you would as a PC.


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