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Defuncters - A Vanu Sovereignty Outfit for Planetside
Officer Application


Officer Application
Soldier Application
Chain of Command
Rank System

If you wish to serve the Defuncters in a position of leadership, this is the page for you

The responsibilities and duties of an officer of the Defuncters are numerous. Remember, if you do not want to have missions' fates possibly lying in your ability to decide in combat, maybe you should enlist as a soldier instead. Though, if you feel you are capable of such leadership, here you are!
Here is the application:

Email Address:
What type of soldier would you like to be?:
What prior experiences have you with FPS style games?:
Tell me why you think you have the right stuff to be an officer:
Approximately how often will you be able to play?
Can you be relied upon to attend outfit operations as often as you can?:

Email this application to I will email you when I get around to looking at the filled out application.

The Beamer, standard Vanu pistol

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