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Defuncters - A Vanu Sovereignty Outfit for Planetside
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Welcome to the Defuncters...


Welcome to the Defuncters' official website. We are dedicated to teamwork, planning, and discipline on the field rather than excercising "1337 5|x1LLz."
I hope you enjoy your visit to this part of the internet and consider us to be the outfit which you join. Our idea is great, but without members, we will not be able to function! Join up today!


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The Defuncters is an outfit for the game called Planetside. We fight for the Vanu Sovereignty on the U.S. East coast server. We do not have one particular specialty as many outfits do, we are very diverse as far as purpose. If you wish to be a part of a very diverse, organized, and disciplined group of soldiers, the Defuncters is the outfit for you!
defunct:  (d-fngkt) adj. Having ceased to exist or live
We are the defuncters, those who cause our enemies to cease to exist and live! Our enemies, the archaic Terran Republic and the over-zealous New Conglomerate!

4/15/03 - We have a new member! Welcome, Mithras. We now have a total of 5 members. Spread the word of the Defuncters.
4/5/03 - We won't be accepting any more officer applications for now. At least not until we get some more of everything else. So, if you plan on joining the Defuncters, sign up to be something else please, because if you apply to be an officer, you'll be denied. We particularly need Infantry and Support soldiers (as we have none!). I'll keep you posted.
4/4/03 - The Defuncters are now four strong! We will hopefully enjoy even more success as far as membership. It's looking like we really will have an impact on the battlefield. Join today!
3/31/03 - Welcome to our newest member, J_Lidar2k51! I hope this outfit is indeed what you're looking for.
3/25/03 - We are still alive. In fact, we are now officially a "we." That's right, the Defuncters have their first member. Join now!
3/16/03 - Due to a suggestion from a fellow Vanu soldier, I have greatly simplified our organization system. We will now be forming up into squads and platoons on the battlefield depending on # of members who show up and how highly ranked the highest ranking officers are (CEP-wise for platoons and BEP-wise for squads). Check the Chain of Command section for details.
3/12/03 - The Defuncters' Website is completed! Join now by clicking on either the Officer Application or Soldier Application. The beta application process (for open beta) has begun for Planetside. Apply for beta here.


Planetside, Vanu Sovereignty, Terran Republic, New Conglomerate, and related titles are all the sole property of Sony Online Entertainment.