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Defuncters - A Vanu Sovereignty Outfit for Planetside
Rank System


Officer Application
Soldier Application
Chain of Command
Rank System

Here is where all the ranks in the Defuncters are described

Like everything else in the Defuncters, I kept the rank system simple, easy, and efficient. There are 8 ranks you can achieve, based on your in-game CEP rank. Those who applied to be officers automatically start out as Lieutenants.
Rank 0: Private
Rank 1: Sargeant
Rank 2: 2nd Lieutenant (Rank 0 for officers)
Rank 3: 1st Lieutenant (Rank1 for officers)
Rank 4: Major (Rank 2 for officers)
Rank 5: Captain (Rank 3 for officers)
Rank 6: Colonel (Rank 4 for officers) note: only attainable by officers
Rank 7: General (Rank 5 for officers) note: only attainable by officers
So basically, being an officer gives you a headstart and 2 extra ranks you can gain (so officers are almost always in charge of our platoons/squads).
If you gain a CEP rank in-game, email me so I can update your rank on the website. No lying, now.

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