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Defuncters - A Vanu Sovereignty Outfit for Planetside


Officer Application
Soldier Application
Chain of Command
Rank System

This is how we will operate on the battlefield

The way we will organize and fight on the field is fairly straightforward and easy to understand. First, how we will organize.
Organizing on the Battlefield
Say you recieve an email saying that we will be executing an attack on so-and-so base on the continent of, oh say, Cyssor and we will be organizing the assault in a base just south of the base we're attacking. So, you log into the game and get to the base we'll be organizing at.
From there, we'll organize into squads and platoons (depending on the number of members present) based on soldier type. We'll get any equipment and vehicles we need right then and there. The leader of the squad will be whoever has the highest rank. There are to ways to increase rank, 1) gain CEP ranks in-game or 2) perform exceptionally on the battlefield. If two people have the same rank, the Outfit Commander (myself) will randomly select who gets to lead the squad.
The Special Ops squad(s) will be sent in first. After they have cause a little mayhem, the Infantry and Support troops will come in as the main bulk of the attack force.

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